Windows Live Messenger 9 build 14.0.8089.726

حمل برنامج هوتميل مسنجرمن شركة مايكروسوفت حمل برنامج هوتميل مسنجر Windows Live Messenger 9 build 14.0.8089.726

ويندوز لايف
ويندوز لايف

The new Messenger has more than just a chat tool, it is fun and easy to communicate to facilitate the sharing of characteristics of a perfect fusion of community-based instant messaging software, whether it is the management of documents, photo album or with friends, classmates, colleagues , To keep his family closer links are easy. off-line to install packages in addition to Live Messenger software, also added a new version of Windows Live Movie Maker, Mail with Calendar synchronization, Writer, Photo Gallery, Family Safety and Outlook Connector, and other content with a total capacity of more than 100M

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